Hypnotherapy & Counselling
Hypnotherapy & Counselling

Our conscious occupies approximately 20% of our mind, with the subconscious accounting for the remaining 80%.  Thus, by accessing our subconscious mind, we are able to achieve greater results.

Counselling and hypnotherapy work hand-in-hand to achieve the desired outcome for you. This space is purely confidential, non-judgmental and provides a safe haven for you to explore your life and present situation: your fears, your hopes, your accomplishments, and your predicaments.

You can find adaptable solutions and build on what you want and release that which you don’t, thus, moving forward to live a life that is in alignment with your TRUE self.
Hypnotherapy is then used to access your subconscious mind in order to facilitate the desired change and goal.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Counselling

Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers you a variety of tools, techniques and exercises that enable you to get to know yourself on an even more personal level. It offers you the ability to reach a higher level of self-awareness, specific to the use of your 5 senses:  how you speak, how you listen, your eye movements, how scents have meaning and your body language.  It also addresses how your language and behavioral patterns affect the wiring in your brain.

We take a journey by clarifying the trueness of your thoughts and then proceed with ‘how’ to move forward from this moment, as opposed to ‘why’ did this happen in my life.  We address some universal truths that guide you to look at life from another lens, another perspective and thus, encourage you to choose acceptance, rather than judgement, of yourself and others.  As with acceptance, we are able to grow.  Through this work, you connect to your authentic self and achieve your goals with a sense of enhanced ease.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Counselling
Life coaching

You now take a deep look inside yourself and ask
Who am I? Who do I want to be and what do I want, now and long-term?  Why do I want this? What is it that motivates me? How am I going to achieve this (keeping in mind the reason why)? What will happen to show me that I have followed my why?

You take a close look at your values. What are my values? Are they really mine? Are they serving me?  What are my true beliefs?  Are they mine or have I adopted them some way along my life?  Are they in line with my core person? Are they limiting me?
Once you have reached a good sense of personal understanding, you can then define your goal and proceed with a well-defined plan to achieve it.